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Polly, Former PCC Intern, Entering MDP (UK)

During the third year of my B.Eng course at Loughborough University, I worked at TJ Brooks in Leicester to gain a year’s practical experience in an engineering firm.

Having taken part in several work experience placements, I was afraid that I would be treated as a general dogsbody and tea maker.  However, senior management assigned me a mentor, with whom I had regular meetings.  This mentor system helped to ensure I was working to my full potential; I was given responsible work right from the start, and I felt valued and important throughout my entire assignment .

I worked in the quality department, which touched a wide range of the different functions within the factory-- from the shop floor and shipping to sales and human resources.   In addition, I travelled both within the U.K. and internationally to visit customers and suppliers.  My year at TJ Brooks also involved several training courses, including Six Sigma Green Belt and 5S training.

The members of the quality team, with whom I worked closely every day, were very professional and friendly.   I fit into the dynamics of the workplace very easily and have kept in touch with friends there since I left almost a year ago.

Overall, I found my experience at TJ to be hugely valuable and rewarding, and I am now looking forward to joining PCC’s MDP programme in September.