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Danielle, Co-Op, MDP Graduate, Manufacturing Supervisor

While pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering, I was hired by PCC as a co-op during my junior year in college.  My first rotation was at SPS Technologies, which makes critical aerospace engine fasteners.  I worked on continuous improvement projects,  which impacted company financials in terms of increased throughput, efficiencies, and employee performance.  I served as a co-op again my senior year at the PCC Airfoils facility in Mentor, Ohio ,where I worked in casting as a LEAN engineer.

In July 2009, I was hired into PCC’s Management Development Program (MDP), which exposed me to many opportunities and helped me decide where my passion was.  Looking back, it is clear that the MDP program focused my strengths and interests in operations management  and significantly advanced my professional career with PCC.

Upon graduation from the MDP in July 2011, I was hired by PCC Airfoils in Portland, Oregon, where I now work as a manufacturing supervisor, using my past experiences and knowledge to impact daily operations.  I enjoy my current position, because I wear many hats on a day-in, day-out basis -- from appreciating my employees for their hard work to managing my budget and department performance.

Precision has invested time and valuable resources to develop my career, thus increasing my value to my team and to the success of the company.